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Don’t expect any information here about Bitcoins! When I started my company in 2006 I needed a catchy name linking my name (Bart) with my mission IT CONsultancy. was born.
If I had known, maybe I should have added a second ‘i’ in the name…
C’est la vie!

Trusted Advisor

I started +25 years ago as an IT engineer installing Compaq ‘gear’… Name it and I probably installed it.

Through the years I saw my job role changing in becoming a trusted advisor in the design, installation and implementation of IT solutions, initially on-premises and now more and more hybrid solutions with the various clouds out there. And all these edges doesn’t make it simpler these days.

This advisory includes as well that I develop course and exam material for HPE to empower their customers.

If you are stuck in your digital transformation journey, feel free to contact us, I am sure we will find the perfect solution for your IT challenges.

Certified Instructor

I am convinced that you should not stop learning when you finish school. Still today I keep on following and learn about the latest technologies in IT.

It is great to have a lot of knowledge and hold several certifications from many vendors, it is even better that you can share your knowledge with others to enhance their skills as well.

I still remember my first training abroad (I was paid to travel!) which was a Compaq Insight Manager class in Budapest. Since then I traveled the world as a certified instructor (then for Compaq and afterwords HP and now HPE) spreading my knowledge to enhance the skills of the students in the physical and virtual classes. I stopped counting the number of classes (+500?) and the countries that I visited meanwhile.

In need of training? Feel free to contact us.


My first post was an issue I had solved for one of my customers, but where I lost too much time in finding the right information on all those vendor websites. Too much marketing, not enough facts that really help you.

Today I think it doesn’t became easier in this world where digital transformation keeps on going faster and faster

This is why I try to publish articles with no-nonse, no-marketing, no-ideal-world IT information. I always try to give the real facts and value of the solution that I am writing of. You can find any article through the Articles menu option in the top menu, also don’t forget to look at the various How-To articles.

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Discover 2021 : HPE adds Lighthouse and more at the Green Lakes

It’s that time of the year again: normally in Las Vegas, this year behind my PC in Belgium: HPE Discover goes virtual because of the reason that we all know meanwhile. Nevertheless is HPE able to create a complete agenda with a lot of sessions that could interest...

Bye bye Nimble & Primera, welcome HPE Alletra !

HPE picked May 4th aka Star Wars day (hoping that the force be with them?) for their big storage announcement for 2021. The invitation promised a radically new vision for data and infrastructure that enables customers to accelerate data-driven transformation from edge...

HPE updates server portfolio with newest AMD EPYC processors

This week CPU giant AMD unveiled the 3rd generation of its EPYC server CPU family, codename Milan. This results in a new series of HPE servers embracing this new family of AMD processors. It features a set of 19 SKUs — including the flagship 64-core 7763 model — ...

Major 4.1.0 update for HPE SimpliVity

It took quite some time after the 4.0 release, but finally version 4.1 for the HPE SimpliVity HCI platform is there. And it is was worth waiting, since the list of enhancements is long, including a new hardware model. Let's take a look at what's announced:  ...

HPE goes to space – again

What an exciting week in space! NASA just landed a new Mars Rover called Perseverance on Mars, and just 2 days later there is the next launch already. Not that far this time, it is ‘just’ going to the International Space Station ISS with the 15th Northrop Grumman...

HCI at the Edge: HPE Edgeline & StorMagic

GigaOm released recently their first Radar report on Hyperconverged Infrastructure report for Small-to-Medium Enterprises and the Edge. I was impressed by the fact that StorMagic was selected as top performer and leader in their radar, before the well known enterprise...
Logical overview StorMagic on VMware ESXi on Edgeline 4000 Proliant m510

HPE SimpliVity networking explained

In this article I explain the networking configuration from an HPE SimpliVity HCI solution from a physical and logical point of view. An HPE SimpliVity appliance is build on the HPE DL380 or DL325 Gen10 platform (at the moment of publication of this article), which I...

Faster, bigger, better – Intel launches new Optane and 3D NAND SSDs

I am lucky to be part of the Tech Field Day team that was invited this week to attend the preview of the Intel Memory & Storage Moment. During the various presentations a new wave of Intel Optane and NAND SSDs were announced, where Intel claims 2020 has been the...

How-To: HPE Nimble Direct Attach (FlatSAN) with HPE Synergy

Some time ago I replaced my HPE 3PAR 7400 array in my homelab with a new HPE Nimble storage array HF20. HPE 3PAR had an interesting feature called Direct Attach aka FlatSAN, that allows to connect your 3PAR array directly to the Virtual Connect modules inside a C7000...

Lanamark error when using HPE Passport authentication (update)

Some time ago I got this error when authenticating to the HPE dedicated pages of the Lanamark assessment tool at The Lanamark assessment tool is a popular tool when sizing an HCI solution based on HPE SimpliVity. When authenticating with my...

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